A wide range of choice in frames, ophthalmic and contact lenses is available on today’s market. When the time comes to choose between progressive or bifocals, non reflecting, scratch resistant and UV coatings, it is important to choose the products that are best adapted to you. Regarding contact lenses, bifocals, hydrogels, daily or extended wear, the choice is not easy to make, considering the many brands available on the market today.

Whatever the product, our team is qualified to advise and offer you the product that best fits your needs. This way you can make an enlightened decision.

We can provide you with any contact lens brand and we offer all of the Mediflex product range, available in clinic at all times.

We also offer different disinfecting solutions for your lenses, such as Opti-Free Replenish, Complete and Clearcare. Let us advise you regarding your lens/solution compatibility.